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A Raspberry in Paris   A Raspberry in Paris SM Tin $6.95    A Raspberry in Paris LG Tin $9.95    A Raspberry in Paris SM Bag $5.95
A Raspberry in Paris LG Bag $8.95    A Raspberry in Paris 500G Bag $32.95

Almond Rocker   Almond Rocker SM Tin $6.95    Almond Rocker LG Tin $9.95    Almond Rocker SM Bag $5.95
Almond Rocker LG Bag $8.95    Almond Rocker 500G Bag $32.95

Belgian Chocolate   Belgian Chocolate SM Tin $6.95    Belgian Chocolate LG Tin $9.95    Belgian Chocolate SM Bag $5.95
Belgian Chocolate LG Bag $8.95    Belgian Chocolate 500G Bag $32.95

Bora Bora Mango   Bora Bora Mango SM Tin $6.95    Bora Bora Mango LG Tin $9.95    Bora Bora Mango SM Bag $5.95
Bora Bora Mango LG Bag $8.95    Bora Bora Mango 500G Bag $32.95

Blueberry Bang   Blueberry Bang SM Tin $6.95    Blueberry Bang LG Tin $9.95    Blueberry Bang SM Bag $5.95
Blueberry Bang LG Bag $8.95    Blueberry Bang 500G Bag $32.95

Bourbon Street Vanilla   Bourbon Street Vanilla SM Tin $6.95    Bourbon Street Vanilla LG Tin $9.95    Bourbon Street Vanilla SM Bag $5.95
Bourbon Street Vanilla LG Bag $8.95    Bourbon Street Vanilla 500G Bag $32.95

Candy Ginger Peach   Candy Ginger Peach SM Tin $6.95    Candy Ginger Peach LG Tin $9.95    Candy Ginger Peach SM Bag $5.95
Candy Ginger Peach LG Bag $8.95    Candy Ginger Peach 500G Bag $32.95

Cape Cod Cranberry   Cape Cod Cranberry SM Tin $6.95    Cape Cod Cranberry LG Tin $9.95    Cape Cod Cranberry SM Bag $5.95
Cape Cod Cranberry LG Bag $8.95    Cape Cod Cranberry 500G Bag $32.95

Cascadia Herbal   Cascadia Herbal SM Tin $6.95    Cascadia Herbal LG Tin $9.95    Cascadia Herbal SM Bag $5.95
Cascadia Herbal LG Bag $8.95    Cascadia Herbal 500G Bag $32.95

Cherry Rose   Cherry Rose SM Tin $6.95    Cherry Rose LG Tin $9.95    Cherry Rose SM Bag $5.95
Cherry Rose LG Bag $8.95    Cherry Rose 500G Bag $32.95

Chai   Chai SM Tin $6.95    Chai LG Tin $9.95    Chai SM Bag $5.95
Chai LG Bag $8.95    Chai 500G Bag $32.95

Chocolate Mint   Chocolate Mint SM Tin $6.95    Chocolate Mint LG Tin $9.95    Chocolate Mint SM Bag $5.95
Chocolate Mint LG Bag $8.95    Chocolate Mint 500G Bag $32.95

Cinnamon Chacha   Cinnamon Chacha SM Tin $6.95    Cinnamon Chacha LG Tin $9.95    Cinnamon Chacha SM Bag $5.95
Cinnamon Chacha LG Bag $8.95    Cinnamon Chacha 500G Bag $32.95

Creme Au Caramel   Creme Au Caramel SM Tin $6.95    Creme Au Caramel LG Tin $9.95    Creme Au Caramel SM Bag $5.95
Creme Au Caramel LG Bag $8.95    Creme Au Caramel 500G Bag $32.95

Dutch Licorice   Dutch Licorice SM Tin $6.95    Dutch Licorice LG Tin $9.95    Dutch Licorice SM Bag $5.95
Dutch Licorice LG Bag $8.95    Dutch Licorice 500G Bag $32.95

Earl Grey   Earl Grey SM Tin $6.95    Earl Grey LG Tin $9.95    Earl Grey SM Bag $5.95
Earl Grey LG Bag $8.95    Earl Grey 500G Bag $32.95

Florida Orange   Florida Orange SM Tin $6.95    Florida Orange LG Tin $9.95    Florida Orange SM Bag $5.95
Florida Orange LG Bag $8.95    Florida Orange 500G Bag $32.95

Georgia Peach   Georgia Peach SM Tin $6.95    Georgia Peach LG Tin $9.95    Georgia Peach SM Bag $5.95
Georgia Peach LG Bag $8.95    Georgia Peach 500G Bag $32.95

Ginger Bounce   Ginger Bounce SM Tin $6.95    Ginger Bounce LG Tin $9.95    Ginger Bounce SM Bag $5.95
Ginger Bounce LG Bag $8.95    Ginger Bounce 500G Bag $32.95

Giverny Monet   Giverny Monet SM Tin $6.95    Giverny Monet LG Tin $9.95    Giverny Monet SM Bag $5.95
Giverny Monet LG Bag $8.95    Giverny Monet 500G Bag $32.95

Hawaiian Colada   Hawaiian Colada SM Tin $6.95    Hawaiian Colada LG Tin $9.95    Hawaiian Colada SM Bag $5.95
Hawaiian Colada LG Bag $8.95    Hawaiian Colada 500G Bag $32.95

Hunny   Hunny SM Tin $6.95    Hunny LG Tin $9.95    Hunny SM Bag $5.95
Hunny LG Bag $8.95    Hunny 500G Bag $32.95

Le Marche Spice   Le Marche Spice SM Tin $6.95    Le Marche Spice LG Tin $9.95    Le Marche Spice SM Bag $5.95
Le Marche Spice LG Bag $8.95    Le Marche Spice 500G Bag $32.95

Lugano Palamisu   Lugano Palamisu SM Tin $6.95    Lugano Palamisu LG Tin $9.95    Lugano Palamisu SM Bag $5.95
Lugano Palamisu LG Bag $8.95    Lugano Palamisu 500G Bag $32.95

Mocha Rocha   Mocha Rocha SM Tin $6.95    Mocha Rocha LG Tin $9.95    Mocha Rocha SM Bag $5.95
Mocha Rocha LG Bag $8.95    Mocha Rocha 500G Bag $32.95

Nutcracker   Nutcracker SM Tin $6.95    Nutcracker LG Tin $9.95    Nutcracker SM Bag $5.95
Nutcracker LG Bag $8.95    Nutcracker 500G Bag $32.95

Organic Peach   Organic Peach SM Tin $6.95    Organic Peach LG Tin $9.95    Organic Peach SM Bag $5.95
Organic Peach LG Bag $8.95    Organic Peach 500G Bag $32.95

Pecan Pie   Pecan Pie SM Tin $6.95    Pecan Pie LG Tin $9.95    Pecan Pie SM Bag $5.95
Pecan Pie LG Bag $8.95    Pecan Pie 500G Bag $32.95

Provence   Provence SM Tin $6.95    Provence LG Tin $9.95    Provence SM Bag $5.95
Provence LG Bag $8.95    Provence 500G Bag $32.95

Rainbow   Rainbow SM Tin $6.95    Rainbow LG Tin $9.95    Rainbow SM Bag $5.95
Rainbow LG Bag $8.95    Rainbow 500G Bag $32.95

Rooibos Tea   Rooibos Tea SM Tin $6.95    Rooibos Tea LG Tin $9.95    Rooibos Tea SM Bag $5.95
Rooibos Tea LG Bag $8.95    Rooibos Tea 500G Bag $32.95

Sargeant Pepper's Orange LHCB   Sargeant Pepper's Orange LHCB SM Tin $6.95    Sargeant Pepper's Orange LHCB LG Tin $9.95    Sargeant Pepper's Orange LHCB SM Bag $5.95
Sargeant Pepper's Orange LHCB LG Bag $8.95    Sargeant Pepper's Orange LHCB 500G Bag $32.95

Segovia Muffin   Segovia Muffin SM Tin $6.95    Segovia Muffin LG Tin $9.95    Segovia Muffin SM Bag $5.95
Segovia Muffin LG Bag $8.95    Segovia Muffin 500G Bag $32.95

Strawberry Tingle   Strawberry Tingle SM Tin $6.95    Strawberry Tingle LG Tin $9.95    Strawberry Tingle SM Bag $5.95
Strawberry Tingle LG Bag $8.95    Strawberry Tingle 500G Bag $32.95

Sunshine Lemon   Sunshine Lemon SM Tin $6.95    Sunshine Lemon LG Tin $9.95    Sunshine Lemon SM Bag $5.95
Sunshine Lemon LG Bag $8.95    Sunshine Lemon 500G Bag $32.95

Thai Lemon Ginger   Thai Lemon Ginger SM Tin $6.95    Thai Lemon Ginger LG Tin $9.95    Thai Lemon Ginger SM Bag $5.95
Thai Lemon Ginger LG Bag $8.95    Thai Lemon Ginger 500G Bag $32.95

Tuscany Pear   Tuscany Pear SM Tin $6.95    Tuscany Pear LG Tin $9.95    Tuscany Pear SM Bag $5.95
Tuscany Pear LG Bag $8.95    Tuscany Pear 500G Bag $32.95

Winter Palace Marzipan   Winter Palace Marzipan SM Tin $6.95    Winter Palace Marzipan LG Tin $9.95    Winter Palace Marzipan SM Bag $5.95
Winter Palace Marzipan LG Bag $8.95    Winter Palace Marzipan 500G Bag $32.95

White Swiss Truffle   White Swiss Truffle SM Tin $6.95    White Swiss Truffle LG Tin $9.95    White Swiss Truffle SM Bag $5.95
White Swiss Truffle LG Bag $8.95    White Swiss Truffle 500G Bag $32.95


Ayurvedic Total Body   Ayurvedic Total Body SM Tin $6.95    Ayurvedic Total Body LG Tin $9.95    Ayurvedic Total Body SM Bag $5.95
Ayurvedic Total Body LG Bag $8.95    Ayurvedic Total Body 500G Bag $32.95

Cold B Gone - Herbal Tea   Cold B Gone - Herbal Tea SM Tin $6.95    Cold B Gone - Herbal Tea LG Tin $9.95    Cold B Gone - Herbal Tea SM Bag $5.95
Cold B Gone - Herbal Tea LG Bag $8.95    Cold B Gone - Herbal Tea 500G Bag $32.95

Wellness Balance   Wellness Balance SM Tin $6.95    Wellness Balance LG Tin $9.95    Wellness Balance SM Bag $5.95
Wellness Balance LG Bag $8.95    Wellness Balance 500G Bag $32.95

Wellness Energy   Wellness Energy SM Tin $6.95    Wellness Energy LG Tin $9.95    Wellness Energy SM Bag $5.95
Wellness Energy LG Bag $8.95    Wellness Energy 500G Bag $32.95

Wellness Serenity   Wellness Serenity SM Tin $6.95    Wellness Serenity LG Tin $9.95    Wellness Serenity SM Bag $5.95
Wellness Serenity LG Bag $8.95    Wellness Serenity 500G Bag $32.95


Apple Spice   Apple Spice SM Tin $6.95    Apple Spice LG Tin $9.95    Apple Spice SM Bag $5.95
Apple Spice LG Bag $8.95    Apple Spice 500G Bag $32.95

Black Currant   Black Currant SM Tin $6.95    Black Currant LG Tin $9.95    Black Currant SM Bag $5.95
Black Currant LG Bag $8.95    Black Currant 500G Bag $32.95

Black Forest   Black Forest SM Tin $6.95    Black Forest LG Tin $9.95    Black Forest SM Bag $5.95
Black Forest LG Bag $8.95    Black Forest 500G Bag $32.95

Blueberry Black   Blueberry Black SM Tin $6.95    Blueberry Black LG Tin $9.95    Blueberry Black SM Bag $5.95
Blueberry Black LG Bag $8.95    Blueberry Black 500G Bag $32.95

Brandied Apple   Brandied Apple SM Tin $6.95    Brandied Apple LG Tin $9.95    Brandied Apple SM Bag $5.95
Brandied Apple LG Bag $8.95    Brandied Apple 500G Bag $32.95

Chocolate Mint   Chocolate Mint SM Tin $6.95    Chocolate Mint LG Tin $9.95    Chocolate Mint SM Bag $5.95
Chocolate Mint LG Bag $8.95    Chocolate Mint 500G Bag $32.95

Chocolate Orange   Chocolate Orange SM Tin $6.95    Chocolate Orange LG Tin $9.95    Chocolate Orange SM Bag $5.95
Chocolate Orange LG Bag $8.95    Chocolate Orange 500G Bag $32.95

Christmas   Christmas SM Tin $6.95    Christmas LG Tin $9.95    Christmas SM Bag $5.95
Christmas LG Bag $8.95

Cochin Masala Chai   Cochin Masala Chai SM Tin $6.95    Cochin Masala Chai LG Tin $9.95    Cochin Masala Chai SM Bag $5.95
Cochin Masala Chai LG Bag $8.95    Cochin Masala Chai 500G Bag $32.95

Cranberry   Cranberry SM Tin $6.95    Cranberry LG Tin $9.95    Cranberry SM Bag $5.95
Cranberry LG Bag $8.95    Cranberry 500G Bag $32.95

Golden Pu-erh   Golden Pu-erh SM Tin $6.95    Golden Pu-erh LG Tin $9.95    Golden Pu-erh SM Bag $5.95
Golden Pu-erh LG Bag $8.95    Golden Pu-erh 500G Bag $47.90

Honey   Honey SM Tin $6.95    Honey LG Tin $9.95    Honey SM Bag $5.95
Honey LG Bag $8.95    Honey 500G Bag $32.95

Ice Wine   Ice Wine SM Tin $6.95    Ice Wine LG Tin $9.95    Ice Wine SM Bag $5.95
Ice Wine LG Bag $8.95    Ice Wine 500G Bag $32.95

Irish Cream   Irish Cream SM Tin $6.95    Irish Cream LG Tin $9.95    Irish Cream SM Bag $5.95
Irish Cream LG Bag $8.95    Irish Cream 500G Bag $32.95

Island Coconut   Island Coconut SM Tin $6.95    Island Coconut LG Tin $9.95    Island Coconut SM Bag $5.95
Island Coconut LG Bag $8.95    Island Coconut 500G Bag $32.95

Kama Sutra Chai   Kama Sutra Chai SM Tin $6.95    Kama Sutra Chai LG Tin $9.95    Kama Sutra Chai SM Bag $5.95
Kama Sutra Chai LG Bag $8.95    Kama Sutra Chai 500G Bag $32.95

Keemun Panda #1   Keemun Panda #1 SM Tin $6.95    Keemun Panda #1 LG Tin $9.95    Keemun Panda #1 SM Bag $5.95
Keemun Panda #1 LG Bag $8.95    Keemun Panda #1 500G Bag $32.95

Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #1   Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #1 SM Tin $6.95    Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #1 LG Tin $9.95    Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #1 SM Bag $5.95
Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #1 LG Bag $8.95    Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #1 500G Bag $32.95

Le Marche Spice   Le Marche Spice SM Tin $6.95    Le Marche Spice LG Tin $9.95    Le Marche Spice SM Bag $5.95
Le Marche Spice LG Bag $8.95    Le Marche Spice 500G Bag $32.95

Lemon Spice   Lemon Spice SM Tin $6.95    Lemon Spice LG Tin $9.95    Lemon Spice SM Bag $5.95
Lemon Spice LG Bag $8.95    Lemon Spice 500G Bag $32.95

Lichee Congou   Lichee Congou SM Tin $6.95    Lichee Congou LG Tin $9.95    Lichee Congou SM Bag $5.95
Lichee Congou LG Bag $8.95    Lichee Congou 500G Bag $32.95

Mango Mist   Mango Mist SM Tin $6.95    Mango Mist LG Tin $9.95    Mango Mist SM Bag $5.95
Mango Mist LG Bag $8.95    Mango Mist 500G Bag $32.95

Maple   Maple SM Tin $6.95    Maple LG Tin $9.95    Maple SM Bag $5.95
Maple LG Bag $8.95    Maple 500G Bag $32.95

Monks Blend Black   Monks Blend Black SM Tin $6.95    Monks Blend Black LG Tin $9.95    Monks Blend Black SM Bag $5.95
Monks Blend Black LG Bag $8.95    Monks Blend Black 500G Bag $32.95

Morning Sunshine   Morning Sunshine SM Tin $6.95    Morning Sunshine LG Tin $9.95    Morning Sunshine SM Bag $5.95
Morning Sunshine LG Bag $8.95    Morning Sunshine 500G Bag $32.95

Mulled Spice   Mulled Spice SM Tin $6.95    Mulled Spice LG Tin $9.95    Mulled Spice SM Bag $5.95
Mulled Spice LG Bag $8.95    Mulled Spice 500G Bag $32.95

Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai   Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai SM Tin $6.95    Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai LG Tin $9.95    Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai SM Bag $5.95
Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai LG Bag $8.95    Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai 500G Bag $32.95

Organic Los Andes Guatemala   Organic Los Andes Guatemala SM Tin $6.95    Organic Los Andes Guatemala LG Tin $9.95    Organic Los Andes Guatemala SM Bag $5.95
Organic Los Andes Guatemala LG Bag $8.95    Organic Los Andes Guatemala 500G Bag $32.95

Organic Wild Blueberry   Organic Wild Blueberry SM Tin $6.95    Organic Wild Blueberry LG Tin $9.95    Organic Wild Blueberry SM Bag $5.95
Organic Wild Blueberry LG Bag $8.95    Organic Wild Blueberry 500G Bag $41.95

Peach Apricot   Peach Apricot SM Tin $6.95    Peach Apricot LG Tin $9.95    Peach Apricot SM Bag $5.95
Peach Apricot LG Bag $8.95    Peach Apricot 500G Bag $32.95

Pomegranate Rosehip   Pomegranate Rosehip SM Tin $6.95    Pomegranate Rosehip LG Tin $9.95    Pomegranate Rosehip SM Bag $5.95
Pomegranate Rosehip LG Bag $8.95    Pomegranate Rosehip 500G Bag $32.95

Pumpkin Spice   Pumpkin Spice SM Tin $6.95    Pumpkin Spice LG Tin $9.95    Pumpkin Spice SM Bag $5.95
Pumpkin Spice LG Bag $8.95    Pumpkin Spice 500G Bag $32.95

Raspberry Honey   Raspberry Honey SM Tin $6.95    Raspberry Honey LG Tin $9.95    Raspberry Honey SM Bag $5.95
Raspberry Honey LG Bag $8.95    Raspberry Honey 500G Bag $32.95

Vanilla Chai   Vanilla Chai SM Tin $6.95    Vanilla Chai LG Tin $9.95    Vanilla Chai SM Bag $5.95
Vanilla Chai LG Bag $8.95    Vanilla Chai 500G Bag $32.95

Vanilla and Cinnamon   Vanilla and Cinnamon SM Tin $6.95    Vanilla and Cinnamon LG Tin $9.95    Vanilla and Cinnamon SM Bag $5.95
Vanilla and Cinnamon LG Bag $8.95    Vanilla and Cinnamon 500G Bag $32.95

Vanilla Cream   Vanilla Cream SM Tin $6.95    Vanilla Cream LG Tin $9.95    Vanilla Cream SM Bag $5.95
Vanilla Cream LG Bag $8.95    Vanilla Cream 500G Bag $32.95


Atlantico Lime   Atlantico Lime SM Tin $6.95    Atlantico Lime LG Tin $9.95    Atlantico Lime SM Bag $5.95
Atlantico Lime LG Bag $8.95    Atlantico Lime 500G Bag $32.95

Blueberry Green   Blueberry Green SM Tin $6.95    Blueberry Green LG Tin $9.95    Blueberry Green SM Bag $5.95
Blueberry Green LG Bag $8.95    Blueberry Green 500G Bag $32.95

Blue Mango   Blue Mango SM Tin $6.95    Blue Mango LG Tin $9.95    Blue Mango SM Bag $5.95
Blue Mango LG Bag $8.95    Blue Mango 500G Bag $32.95

Crime of Passion   Crime of Passion SM Tin $6.95    Crime of Passion LG Tin $9.95    Crime of Passion SM Bag $5.95
Crime of Passion LG Bag $8.95    Crime of Passion 500G Bag $32.95

Earl Grey   Earl Grey SM Tin $6.95    Earl Grey LG Tin $9.95    Earl Grey SM Bag $5.95
Earl Grey LG Bag $8.95    Earl Grey 500G Bag $32.95

Formosa Gunpowder   Formosa Gunpowder SM Tin $6.95    Formosa Gunpowder LG Tin $9.95    Formosa Gunpowder SM Bag $5.95
Formosa Gunpowder LG Bag $8.95    Formosa Gunpowder 500G Bag $32.95

Genmaicha   Genmaicha SM Tin $6.95    Genmaicha LG Tin $9.95    Genmaicha SM Bag $5.95
Genmaicha LG Bag $8.95    Genmaicha 500G Bag $32.95

Green Chai   Green Chai SM Tin $6.95    Green Chai LG Tin $9.95    Green Chai SM Bag $5.95
Green Chai LG Bag $8.95    Green Chai 500G Bag $32.95

Hermes Orange   Hermes Orange SM Tin $6.95    Hermes Orange LG Tin $9.95    Hermes Orange SM Bag $5.95
Hermes Orange LG Bag $8.95    Hermes Orange 500G Bag $32.95

Irish Breakfast Green   Irish Breakfast Green SM Tin $6.95    Irish Breakfast Green LG Tin $9.95    Irish Breakfast Green SM Bag $5.95
Irish Breakfast Green LG Bag $8.95    Irish Breakfast Green 500G Bag $32.95

Japan Sencha   Japan Sencha SM Tin $6.95    Japan Sencha LG Tin $9.95    Japan Sencha SM Bag $5.95
Japan Sencha LG Bag $8.95    Japan Sencha 500G Bag $32.95

Jasmine with Flowers   Jasmine with Flowers SM Tin $6.95    Jasmine with Flowers LG Tin $9.95    Jasmine with Flowers SM Bag $5.95
Jasmine with Flowers LG Bag $8.95    Jasmine with Flowers 500G Bag $32.95

Lemon Green   Lemon Green SM Tin $6.95    Lemon Green LG Tin $9.95    Lemon Green SM Bag $5.95
Lemon Green LG Bag $8.95    Lemon Green 500G Bag $32.95

Long Island Strawberry   Long Island Strawberry SM Tin $6.95    Long Island Strawberry LG Tin $9.95    Long Island Strawberry SM Bag $5.95
Long Island Strawberry LG Bag $8.95    Long Island Strawberry 500G Bag $32.95

Maple   Maple SM Tin $6.95    Maple LG Tin $9.95    Maple SM Bag $5.95
Maple LG Bag $8.95    Maple 500G Bag $32.95

Mint   Mint SM Tin $6.95    Mint LG Tin $9.95    Mint SM Bag $5.95
Mint LG Bag $8.95    Mint 500G Bag $32.95

Niagara Peach   Niagara Peach SM Tin $6.95    Niagara Peach LG Tin $9.95    Niagara Peach SM Bag $5.95
Niagara Peach LG Bag $8.95    Niagara Peach 500G Bag $32.95

Sencha   Sencha SM Tin $6.95    Sencha LG Tin $9.95    Sencha SM Bag $5.95
Sencha LG Bag $8.95    Sencha 500G Bag $32.95

Sencha Kyoto   Sencha Kyoto SM Tin $6.95    Sencha Kyoto LG Tin $9.95    Sencha Kyoto SM Bag $5.95
Sencha Kyoto LG Bag $8.95    Sencha Kyoto 500G Bag $32.95

Strawberry   Strawberry SM Tin $6.95    Strawberry LG Tin $9.95    Strawberry SM Bag $5.95
Strawberry LG Bag $8.95    Strawberry 500G Bag $32.95


Jasmine Dragon Tears   Jasmine Dragon Tears 50gr bag $15.00    Jasmine Dragon Tears 100gr bag $28.00
Jasmine Dragon Tears 500gr bag $110.00

Madame Butterfly   Madame Butterfly 50gr bag $15.00    Madame Butterfly 100gr bag $28.00

Matcha Izu Gyokuro   Matcha Izu Gyokuro 90gr tin $27.00


1000 Day Old Flower   1000 Day Old Flower $1.75 each

3 Flower Burst Artisan   3 Flower Burst Artisan $1.75 each

Jasmine Silver Balls   Jasmine Silver Balls $1.75 each


Buckingham Palace Garden Party   Buckingham Palace Garden Party SM Tin $6.95    Buckingham Palace Garden Party LG Tin $9.95    Buckingham Palace Garden Party SM Bag $5.95
Buckingham Palace Garden Party LG Bag $8.95    Buckingham Palace Garden Party 500G Bag $32.95

Cream Earl Grey   Cream Earl Grey SM Tin $6.95    Cream Earl Grey LG Tin $9.95    Cream Earl Grey SM Bag $5.95
Cream Earl Grey LG Bag $8.95    Cream Earl Grey 500G Bag $32.95

Earl Grey   Earl Grey SM Tin $6.95    Earl Grey LG Tin $9.95    Earl Grey SM Bag $5.95
Earl Grey LG Bag $8.95    Earl Grey 500G Bag $32.95

Earl Grey Decaffeinated   Earl Grey Decaffeinated SM Tin $6.95    Earl Grey Decaffeinated LG Tin $9.95    Earl Grey Decaffeinated SM Bag $5.95
Earl Grey Decaffeinated LG Bag $8.95    Earl Grey Decaffeinated 500G Bag $32.95

English Breakfast   English Breakfast SM Tin $6.95    English Breakfast LG Tin $9.95    English Breakfast SM Bag $5.95
English Breakfast LG Bag $8.95    English Breakfast 500G Bag $32.95

English Breakfast Decaffeinated   English Breakfast Decaffeinated SM Tin $6.95    English Breakfast Decaffeinated LG Tin $9.95    English Breakfast Decaffeinated SM Bag $5.95
English Breakfast Decaffeinated LG Bag $8.95    English Breakfast Decaffeinated 500G Bag $32.95

Irish Breakfast Black   Irish Breakfast Black SM Tin $6.95    Irish Breakfast Black LG Tin $9.95    Irish Breakfast Black SM Bag $5.95
Irish Breakfast Black LG Bag $8.95    Irish Breakfast Black 500G Bag $32.95

Lady Londonderry   Lady Londonderry SM Tin $6.95    Lady Londonderry LG Tin $9.95    Lady Londonderry SM Bag $5.95
Lady Londonderry LG Bag $8.95    Lady Londonderry 500G Bag $32.95

Organic Earl Grey   Organic Earl Grey SM Tin $6.95    Organic Earl Grey LG Tin $9.95    Organic Earl Grey SM Bag $5.95
Organic Earl Grey LG Bag $8.95    Organic Earl Grey 500G Bag $32.95

Prince of Whales   Prince of Whales SM Tin $6.95    Prince of Whales LG Tin $9.95    Prince of Whales SM Bag $5.95
Prince of Whales LG Bag $8.95    Prince of Whales 500G Bag $32.95

Queen Mary   Queen Mary SM Tin $6.95    Queen Mary LG Tin $9.95    Queen Mary SM Bag $5.95
Queen Mary LG Bag $8.95    Queen Mary 500G Bag $32.95

Russian Earl Grey   Russian Earl Grey SM Tin $6.95    Russian Earl Grey LG Tin $9.95    Russian Earl Grey SM Bag $5.95
Russian Earl Grey LG Bag $8.95    Russian Earl Grey 500G Bag $32.95

Scottish Breakfast   Scottish Breakfast SM Tin $6.95    Scottish Breakfast LG Tin $9.95    Scottish Breakfast SM Bag $5.95
Scottish Breakfast LG Bag $8.95    Scottish Breakfast 500G Bag $32.95

Trafalgar Anniversary   Trafalgar Anniversary SM Tin $6.95    Trafalgar Anniversary LG Tin $9.95    Trafalgar Anniversary SM Bag $5.95
Trafalgar Anniversary LG Bag $8.95    Trafalgar Anniversary 500G Bag $32.95

Versailles Lavender Earl Grey   Versailles Lavender Earl Grey SM Tin $6.95    Versailles Lavender Earl Grey LG Tin $9.95    Versailles Lavender Earl Grey SM Bag $5.95
Versailles Lavender Earl Grey LG Bag $8.95    Versailles Lavender Earl Grey 500G Bag $32.95

Yorkshire Harrogate   Yorkshire Harrogate SM Tin $6.95    Yorkshire Harrogate LG Tin $9.95    Yorkshire Harrogate SM Bag $5.95
Yorkshire Harrogate LG Bag $8.95    Yorkshire Harrogate 500G Bag $32.95


Blueberry White   Blueberry White SM Tin $6.95    Blueberry White LG Tin $9.95    Blueberry White SM Bag $5.95
Blueberry White LG Bag $8.95    Blueberry White 500G Bag $42.60

Monk's Blend White   Monk's Blend White SM Tin $6.95    Monk's Blend White LG Tin $9.95    Monk's Blend White SM Bag $5.95
Monk's Blend White LG Bag $8.95    Monk's Blend White 500G Bag $42.60

Pai Mu Tan   Pai Mu Tan SM Tin $6.95    Pai Mu Tan LG Tin $9.95    Pai Mu Tan SM Bag $5.95
Pai Mu Tan LG Bag $8.95    Pai Mu Tan 500G Bag $42.60


Glendale   Glendale SM Tin $6.95    Glendale LG Tin $9.95    Glendale SM Bag $5.95
Glendale LG Bag $8.95    Glendale 500G Bag $32.95

Margaret's Hope   Margaret's Hope SM Tin $6.95    Margaret's Hope LG Tin $9.95    Margaret's Hope SM Bag $5.95
Margaret's Hope LG Bag $8.95    Margaret's Hope 500G Bag $32.95

Milima   Milima SM Tin $6.95    Milima LG Tin $9.95    Milima SM Bag $5.95
Milima LG Bag $8.95    Milima 500G Bag $32.95

Mim   Mim SM Tin $6.95    Mim LG Tin $9.95    Mim SM Bag $5.95
Mim LG Bag $8.95    Mim 500G Bag $32.95

Tarajulie   Tarajulie SM Tin $6.95    Tarajulie LG Tin $9.95    Tarajulie SM Bag $5.95
Tarajulie LG Bag $8.95    Tarajulie 500G Bag $32.95


Angel's Dream   Angel's Dream SM Tin $6.95    Angel's Dream LG Tin $9.95    Angel's Dream SM Bag $5.95
Angel's Dream LG Bag $8.95    Angel's Dream 500G Bag $32.95

Canadian Breakfast   Canadian Breakfast SM Tin $6.95    Canadian Breakfast LG Tin $9.95    Canadian Breakfast SM Bag $5.95
Canadian Breakfast LG Bag $8.95    Canadian Breakfast 500G Bag $32.95

Czar Nicholas Russian Caravan   Czar Nicholas Russian Caravan SM Tin $6.95    Czar Nicholas Russian Caravan LG Tin $9.95    Czar Nicholas Russian Caravan SM Bag $5.95
Czar Nicholas Russian Caravan LG Bag $8.95    Czar Nicholas Russian Caravan 500G Bag $32.95

Indian Spiced Chai   Indian Spiced Chai SM Tin $6.95    Indian Spiced Chai LG Tin $9.95    Indian Spiced Chai SM Bag $5.95
Indian Spiced Chai LG Bag $8.95    Indian Spiced Chai 500G Bag $32.95

Moroccan Madness   Moroccan Madness SM Tin $6.95    Moroccan Madness LG Tin $9.95    Moroccan Madness SM Bag $5.95
Moroccan Madness LG Bag $8.95    Moroccan Madness 500G Bag $32.95


Organic Slimming   Organic Slimming SM Tin $6.95    Organic Slimming LG Tin $9.95    Organic Slimming SM Bag $5.95
Organic Slimming LG Bag $8.95    Organic Slimming 500G Bag $41.95

Organic Wuyi Rock   Organic Wuyi Rock SM Tin $6.95    Organic Wuyi Rock LG Tin $9.95    Organic Wuyi Rock SM Bag $5.95
Organic Wuyi Rock LG Bag $8.95    Organic Wuyi Rock 500G Bag $41.95


Apricot Supreme   Apricot Supreme SM Tin $6.95    Apricot Supreme LG Tin $9.95    Apricot Supreme SM Bag $5.95
Apricot Supreme LG Bag $8.95    Apricot Supreme 500G Bag $32.95

Bella Coola   Bella Coola SM Tin $6.95    Bella Coola LG Tin $9.95    Bella Coola SM Bag $5.95
Bella Coola LG Bag $8.95    Bella Coola 500G Bag $32.95

Berry Berry   Berry Berry SM Tin $6.95    Berry Berry LG Tin $9.95    Berry Berry SM Bag $5.95
Berry Berry LG Bag $8.95    Berry Berry 500G Bag $32.95

Blue Eyes   Blue Eyes SM Tin $6.95    Blue Eyes LG Tin $9.95    Blue Eyes SM Bag $5.95
Blue Eyes LG Bag $8.95    Blue Eyes 500G Bag $32.95

Egyptian Camomile   Egyptian Camomile SM Tin $6.95    Egyptian Camomile LG Tin $9.95    Egyptian Camomile SM Bag $5.95
Egyptian Camomile LG Bag $8.95    Egyptian Camomile 500G Bag $32.95

Green Yerba Mate   Green Yerba Mate SM Tin $6.95    Green Yerba Mate LG Tin $9.95    Green Yerba Mate SM Bag $5.95
Green Yerba Mate LG Bag $8.95    Green Yerba Mate 500G Bag $32.95

Gynostemma   Gynostemma SM Tin $6.95    Gynostemma LG Tin $9.95    Gynostemma SM Bag $5.95
Gynostemma LG Bag $8.95    Gynostemma 500G Bag $32.95

Hibiscus   Hibiscus SM Tin $6.95    Hibiscus LG Tin $9.95    Hibiscus SM Bag $5.95
Hibiscus LG Bag $8.95    Hibiscus 500G Bag $32.95

Honeybush   Honeybush SM Tin $6.95    Honeybush LG Tin $9.95    Honeybush SM Bag $5.95
Honeybush LG Bag $8.95    Honeybush 500G Bag $32.95

Kids Tea Tutti Fruiti   Kids Tea Tutti Fruiti SM Tin $6.95    Kids Tea Tutti Fruiti LG Tin $9.95    Kids Tea Tutti Fruiti SM Bag $5.95
Kids Tea Tutti Fruiti LG Bag $8.95    Kids Tea Tutti Fruiti 500G Bag $32.95

Lady Hannah's Whole Fruit   Lady Hannah's Whole Fruit SM Tin $6.95    Lady Hannah's Whole Fruit LG Tin $9.95    Lady Hannah's Whole Fruit SM Bag $5.95
Lady Hannah's Whole Fruit LG Bag $8.95    Lady Hannah's Whole Fruit 500G Bag $32.95

Lavender   Lavender SM Tin $6.95    Lavender LG Tin $9.95    Lavender SM Bag $5.95
Lavender LG Bag $8.95    Lavender 500G Bag $32.95

Licorice Root   Licorice Root SM Tin $6.95    Licorice Root LG Tin $9.95    Licorice Root SM Bag $5.95
Licorice Root LG Bag $8.95    Licorice Root 500G Bag $32.95

Madagascar Almond Spice   Madagascar Almond Spice SM Tin $6.95    Madagascar Almond Spice LG Tin $9.95    Madagascar Almond Spice SM Bag $5.95
Madagascar Almond Spice LG Bag $8.95    Madagascar Almond Spice 500G Bag $32.95

Organic Peppermint   Organic Peppermint SM Tin $6.95    Organic Peppermint LG Tin $9.95    Organic Peppermint SM Bag $5.95
Organic Peppermint LG Bag $8.95    Organic Peppermint 500G Bag $32.95

Organic Spearmint   Organic Spearmint SM Tin $6.95    Organic Spearmint LG Tin $9.95    Organic Spearmint SM Bag $5.95
Organic Spearmint LG Bag $8.95    Organic Spearmint 500G Bag $32.95

Orient Express   Orient Express SM Tin $6.95    Orient Express LG Tin $9.95    Orient Express SM Bag $5.95
Orient Express LG Bag $8.95    Orient Express 500G Bag $32.95

Paradiso Peach   Paradiso Peach SM Tin $6.95    Paradiso Peach LG Tin $9.95    Paradiso Peach SM Bag $5.95
Paradiso Peach LG Bag $8.95    Paradiso Peach 500G Bag $32.95

Peppermint   Peppermint SM Tin $6.95    Peppermint LG Tin $9.95    Peppermint SM Bag $5.95
Peppermint LG Bag $8.95    Peppermint 500G Bag $32.95

Raspberry Leaves   Raspberry Leaves SM Tin $6.95    Raspberry Leaves LG Tin $9.95    Raspberry Leaves SM Bag $5.95
Raspberry Leaves LG Bag $8.95    Raspberry Leaves 500G Bag $32.95

Rose Buds and Petals   Rose Buds and Petals SM Tin $6.95    Rose Buds and Petals LG Tin $9.95    Rose Buds and Petals SM Bag $5.95
Rose Buds and Petals LG Bag $8.95    Rose Buds and Petals 500G Bag $32.95

Rosehip   Rosehip SM Tin $6.95    Rosehip LG Tin $9.95    Rosehip SM Bag $5.95
Rosehip LG Bag $8.95    Rosehip 500G Bag $32.95

Sleepy Time   Sleepy Time SM Tin $6.95    Sleepy Time LG Tin $9.95    Sleepy Time SM Bag $5.95
Sleepy Time LG Bag $8.95

Spearmint   Spearmint SM Tin $6.95    Spearmint LG Tin $9.95    Spearmint SM Bag $5.95
Spearmint LG Bag $8.95    Spearmint 500G Bag $32.95

Strawberry Kiwi   Strawberry Kiwi SM Tin $6.95    Strawberry Kiwi LG Tin $9.95    Strawberry Kiwi SM Bag $5.95
Strawberry Kiwi LG Bag $8.95    Strawberry Kiwi 500G Bag $32.95


#1672 - Sussex Derby Tea Infuser $6.00

#1370 - 1 Cup of Perfect Tea $8.95

#1333 - Empress Tea Room Tea Strainer w/ Drip Bowl $8.95

#1391 - (Large) Henley Stainless Steel 4-6 Cup Teapot $64.95

#1391 - (Medium) Henley Stainless Steel 2-4 Cup Teapot $54.95

Tea Filters (100 per package) $10.00

#1358 RTP - Mesh Tea Ball with Resin Tea Fob $7.00

#1358 RH - Mesh Tea Ball with Resin Tea Fob $7.00

#1358 BTP - Mesh Tea Ball with Resin Tea Fob $7.00

#1358 FTC - Mesh Tea Ball with Resin Tea Fob $7.00

#1358 FTP - Mesh Tea Ball with Resin Tea Fob $7.00

#1358 SF - Mesh Tea Ball with Resin Tea Fob $7.00

#1358 BUC - Mesh Tea Ball with Resin Tea Fob $7.00

#1358 RDC - Mesh Tea Ball with Resin Tea Fob $7.00

We will contact you by phone to get your CREDIT CARD number after we have received your order.

Orders are shipped by Canada Post. S & H charges apply to each order, to be discussed with customer at time of purchase.

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